Public Relations

Successful entry into any market benefits from a successful public relations campaign.  The staff at Golden California, Inc. combines their years of experience working with companies in China and California to offer you Public Relations services that are customized to meet the specific needs of your organizational goals.

Brand Positioning
Every contact your organization makes with their audiences becomes a continuing part of your brand image – your reputation. Golden California works with you to create, maintain and protect your brand while distinguishing you from the competition.

Media Relations
Maintaining positive media relations is integral to ensuring that your organization’s character and operating priorities are accurately perceived by your key audiences. Golden California maintains active relationships with Chinese local and regional media, and we have the experience to successfully manage product launches, press conferences, press releases and special events.

Grassroots Campaigns
Targeted outreach through local channels can be the best way to solicit allies for your policy proposal or point of view. Golden California will organize and execute issue conferences, community meetings, or a presentation to the appropriate Business Chamber. Through our extensive network of relationships with organizations throughout California and China, our clients are provided cost-effective platforms to promote their message directly to the target audience.

Brand Crisis Management
Brand vulnerability, for even the most reputable brands, has never been more evident than in today’s global market. The method, speed and precision with which an organization responds to a crisis are (more often than not) the result’s critical components. Golden California’s management of crisis situations begins with a thorough, efficient assessment of the facts and potential vulnerabilities, followed by a step-by-step crisis response action plan to rectify the damage once the crisis has dissipated.