About Us

Golden California, Inc. is a team of professionals with a long-term, established record of promoting and realizing business success in the China/California market. 

More than just a consulting company, we work side-by-side with our Client in California and China, from concept through implementation and beyond as they realize the potential found in partnerships formed between the businesses that drive both the world’s fastest growing economy and its strongest economy.

At Golden California, Inc., we know what it takes to establish and maintain success as a California company operating within the nuanced China  market.  We have done it ourselves.  So whether you are looking to enter the market or expand your existing market share, we are here to work with you and show you the way-every step of the way.

Golden California, Inc. maintains a permanent, active dual-market presence in California and identify developing trends, emerging opportunities-and threats-in each market while maintaining our expansive and invaluable network of public and private sector contacts.

The fast-changing dynamics of the China/California market require up-to-the-minute, accurate information regarding demand, pricing, regulations, and promotional opportunities.  Because our team members live and work in your target market, you benefit from their intimate familiarity of the local language, business, and cultural practices as well as their extensive knowledge of local companies, organizations, government, and industries. We work with first-time exporters to develop successful market-entry strategies and companies that are already active in the China/California market and are looking to increase their market share. We help you formulate value based on criteria before you make strategic decisions or investments.  Our China-and California-based team works together to identify, research, and evaluate your options based upon your goals, needs, and available resources.  Whether your are considering a partnership, seeking a reliable distribution channel, or developing a market-entry strategy, Golden California has the professional, market-specific know-how to minimize your risk and increase your chances for sustainable success.